How to put on your PDI Badge

CONGRATULATIONS you have earned a PDI Badge!  After all the hard work you have put into your development, be proud and display your accomplishment on your Game Jersey(s) and Practice Jersey(s).  


Where to Place the PDI Badge

  1. PDI Badge goes on the LEFT SHOULDER
    • ONLY IF you have a PDI Badge on your left shoulder already, then place your new PDI Badge on your RIGHT SHOULDER.  
  2. When you place the PDI Badge you should see if from the side profile, not from the front. See the image to the right for an example.  
  3. The bottom of the badge should be 3 inches from the bottom of the sleeve.  *smaller youth size jersey(s) may have be centered or 2 inches from the bottom of the sleeve.    
  4. Center the badge horizontally on the sleeve
  5. Print/Read and follow the iron on instructions.  Make sure you DON'T BURN your jersey in the process with the iron.     

Home Iron-on Instructions

  1. Temperature - Turn Iron on highest setting without steam and let it heat up
  2. Pre-Press Garment - Press garnet for 3-5 seconds to remove moisture and wrinkles
  3. Peel - Peel off backing paper and position transfer sticky side down
  4. Time/Pressure - Press firmly for 30 seconds while moving the iron in a slow circular pattern over the entire transfer
  5. Finish - Remove Iron and peel transfer while it is still HOT
  6. Note - Post-press with Teflon Sheet or parchment paper for 5 sec to seal edges, if needed. (Recommended)

Download PDI Badge Instructions

Squadra Blue Jersey Exception

Players will not be able to place their PDI Badge on the BLUE Squadra Jersey.  This jersey has a piping around the sleeve which will not allow for proper transfer onto the jersey sleeve.  

How to Request PDI Badges?

Once you have earned a PDI Badge - If you have a jersey without a PDI Badge or a practice jersey without a PDI Badge, simply notify your coach and they will bring the amount you need the next time they see you at training session or a game.  

There is no out-of-pocket cost to get multiple PDI Badges.

PDI Badges

PDI Badges

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