Our Mission

It’s our mission to create the ‘Best of the Best’ experiences and opportunities for youth soccer players through our clubs, events and facilities. We partner with like-minded clubs and provide them with the tools so they can focus on what they love most, coaching and helping their players achieve their dreams.

Surf Nation is 38 Clubs STRONG

About Surf Soccer Club - History

The recipient of the IMG award for most successful club in the nation for moving players to the next level of play, the San Diego Surf Soccer Club is proud to be San Diego’s Premier competitive soccer club. We are a member of the ECNL– for boys and girls. These two leagues represent the highest level of youth soccer competition in the United States with the goal of producing the next generation of National team players.

The oldest competitive youth soccer club in San Diego, San Diego Surf Soccer Club was established in 1977 to draw the best players from the surrounding areas of Carlsbad, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Leucadia, Solana Beach and Del Mar to form teams to compete against the best teams in southern California. Surf Soccer Club’s overall competitive vision and organizational focus has remained largely unchanged, as 30+ years later the Club continues to field teams who compete at the highest levels locally, regionally and nationally.

Surf Soccer Club has produced 11 National Championships, 29 Regional Champions, over 74 State Champions, hundreds of college scholarship athletes, over 157+ National team players and multiple MLS and professional players. At every age group, Surf Soccer Club teams are playing at the highest levels against the toughest competition, in the most competitive leagues.

100% of the girls on our first team, and close to 100% of the girls on our second team at U18 received scholarships to play soccer in college in 2019. The intensive training received at Surf Soccer Club, as well as a commitment to the development of the player sets up the conditions to succeed at the highest level. Exposure to hundreds of college coaches at Surf Cup and College Cup gives Surf Soccer Club players the best chance to find a scholarship pathway to college.

Program Benefits

Learning from years of success at San Diego Surf, we've designed superior coaching curriculum and clinics for your club. Your staff and players will benefit from nationally recognized coaches through training sessions, lesson plans, and more.

Join Surf Cup, the home of "Best of the Best" and one of the nation's top tournaments. We can help you organize and jump-start your tourney into a fundraising machine, and bring the best teams in your area through cross-promotion.

With the best connections in the college game and immersive coaching collaboration software, we’ve got the tools that have made Surf one of the top clubs in nation for graduating players into the collegiate ranks.

Premier Partners

We leverage our relationships with Nike and to provide our coaches and players with the finest game and practice kits and our coaches looking professional.

We’ve partnered with Elite Soccer Clubs to offer affiliates best in class registration software for free. Surf staff is always available for support and guidance.

Surf Select

Our Surf Select program brings together the most talented affiliate players to compete together under the Surf banner at the highest levels and in front of college coaches and professional scouts.

What is Surf Select?

The Surf Select program brings together the most talented players and coaches from all Surf Nation to compete together under the Surf banner at the highest levels and in front of college coaches and professional scouts.

Through a series of local, regional and national events, players within Surf Nation, will be selected to represent the club in national and international competitions.

ID Camps

The first selection happens at the club level, with the Directors of Coaching submitting players recommendations to Surf Nation.

Players are then invited to regional and national events: 3/4-day residential camps where players have the opportunity to showcase in front of the Surf Select coaches.

These events include player off the field education to the the Surf core values and to the game!

Surf's International Opportunities

We’ve partnered with AM Sports Tours to offer Surf Nation a professional soccer network outside USA and fantastic options for tours and tournaments around the globe. 

Since 2015, Surf  teams, coaches, players and parents teams have traveled with AM Sports Tours on a variety of European tour destinations always returning with excitement for the next trip!

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Surf Nation

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