ImPACT Testing


  • All BFC Club (Competitive) Players 12 years and older will test every two (2) years (Age 14, 16,& 18)
  • All BFC Club (Academy, Recreational, and Competitive) Players under 12 years old are not required to take the test or have a waiver on file.  

My child is over 12 years old and I don't want to have them tested, What do I do?

For players not going to take the baseline test.

  • They need to have their legal guardian sign a wiaver form


ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is the most scientifically validated computerized neurocognitive test used by more than 7,400 high schools and 1,000 colleges and universities to help evaluate and manage suspected concussions. Since 2006, over 7.5 million individuals have taken the ImPACT test.

ImPACT comes in two (2) forms:

  1. Baseline Test – Administered by a physician, nurse, athletic trainer, athletic director, or coach before the start of a sport season, school year, or other activity. Baseline scores are collected and stored on our HIPAA compliant server. ImPACT recommends re-administering the baseline test every two years.
  2. Post-Injury Test – Administered by a licensed healthcare provider when a concussion is suspected. Test results are compared to baseline scores and/or normative data scores as part of a healthcare provider's assessment of the injury. Multiple post-injury tests may be given to an individual during the course of treatment and rehabilitation.

Here's How ImPACT Works:

  • 30-40 minute computerized, online test for ages 12-59
  • Delivered via a secure web portal
  • Taken via a desktop computer (PC and Mac compatible) that has an internet connection and a mouse
  • Administered in the presence of a physician, nurse, athletic trainer, athletic director, or coach (only a licensed healthcare provider can administer an ImPACT post-injury test)
  • Results interpreted by a licensed healthcare provider


The Inwood Clinic will walk you through this process.  You will be able to download ImPACT Passport to be able to keep your child's results so you can take these results to any urgent care provider of your choice, should your child suffer an head injury.  BFC does not keep your child's results nor do we have access to them, in accordanace with HIPPA.  

Download the Free ImPACT Passport Mobile App
ImPACT Passport is a mobile app that enables ImPACT Test takers to store their Passport ID – the secure personal identification code provided after completing an ImPACT baseline test. You can take your data with you to any ImPACT licensed physician to manage ImPACT baseline and post injury test results and record symptoms