Training (Flexible Training Schedule)
Monday(s) & Wednesday(s)

Jr. Academy players will be assigned two (2) training session per week.  If a player misses a training session, they can train on a different day (if available).  If a players wants to train extra, not a problem - all academy players can train as much as they like!  STX Surf Academy program is designed to be as flexible as possible for our families. 

League Play
League games are held on a Saturday(s) and Sunday(s); games will be home and away with limited travel in the San Antonio Metro Area.  Standings are not kept for league play.  

Players are able to play on multiple teams and play in a maximum of (2) two games per day.  We register our players in multiple leagues and schedule friendlies during the season to maximize the number of games for our players.  Parents can accept or decline game invites to be flexible with personal schedules or sibling conflicts.   

Tournaments are optional, and are an out-of-pocket expense.  Tournaments are typically held at the beginning and the end of each season.  Tournaments are local events; travel events at this age group is rare, but not out of the question.