Create Household Account

Our website is a single point registration system:
Registering for Tryouts, Program Fee, Tournament(s) or any event the link is the same.
This Register Now button is also how you can login to view your account details:
Previous orders, pending payments, ect.


Once you have created your household the process is simple:
Just LOGIN and select the participant you want to register
Then select the program you want to register for from the drop-down menu.

  • Our registration system has logic built-in and which identified programs the participant is eligible for based on gender & age. In addition, you can not register a participant twice for the same event.
  • IMPORTANT - Make sure you completely check-out and finish all steps in the registration process; you will get a confirmation email once you are done.  

STEP 1:  CREATE a New Household Account
   - ADD All members of your household (Mom, Dad, Player & Siblings, ect)
STEP 2:  SELECT Register a Participant or CREATE Participant 
STEP 3:  SELECT Program Registration from the dropdown menu

IMPORTANT TIP:  Make sure you add all members of your household to your account with accurate email, phone and DOBs, this information will be used to create your TeamSnap Profile and it makes it difficult if you don't provide accurate information the first time.