Tournament play is an important part of player development. Tournaments are used to showcase talent, develop players, challenge & reward advanced players, provide team bonding opportunities and much more.  Parents are require to keep up with the upcoming tournament schedule and stay ahead of tournament registration deadlines so BFC staff can appropriately register teams to events throughout each season.  

All tournaments can be classified into (2) two major categories:  Invitational or Restricted / Selective. 

  • Invitational tournament means open registration for the tournament and the tournament director will approve or decline your application to play in the tournament.  Most invitational tournaments only stop accepting team applications when they are full. 
  • A restricted / selective tournament is a tournament where a team qualifies to be eligible to participate in the tournament.  Some invitational tournaments are very selective how they accept teams to participate.  Your coaching staff or team manager can help answer any general questions about tournaments.  


Club Tournament:  All players are encouraged to attend - we will try to form as many "teams" as possible
Optional Tournament:  Open Registration for all players and BFC Staff will invite players to form "Tournament Teams" for development and to challenge our advanced players.
Qualification Tournament:  This is when a "team" qualifies for play in an event.  Example:  STYSA Tournaments you will start at the District Play Level and teams can advance to the STATE Finals.  If the team advances it is required all players pay player fee no matter if they play or not, due to rosters cannot be changed or modified.  
Special Invite Event:  These events are restricted to only players invited by BFC Staff.  These events can be local and can require travel.  BFC Staff uses these events to challenge our advanced players. 
Showcase Tournament:  This is for the our High School players, these events showcase talent for college coaches; players will play in 2-3 games with no advancement or trophy - play only.  College coaches are in attendance and players need to make sure they invite the colleges or universities they are interested before they attend these events.  Showcase events can take 3-4 months of planning and preparation; registration deadlines for these events typically are 3-6 months in advance.