All tournament participation is confirmed by the team prior to any financial commitment.  Teams need to commit to a tournament a minimum of one (1) month prior to the date of the tournament to ensure proper amount of time to register for the event, and if applicable, make any lodging arrangements for the team.  Tournament schedules are determined by the tournament director and are not typically released until the week of the tournament.  Tournament player fees are the responsibility of each player on the team, whether playing in the tournament or not.  Tournaments that require travel, players will be required to pay a nominal per diem, lodging and mileage for all BFC training staff who attends the tournament for the club; sometimes more than one coach may be necessary.  Some teams/players pre-pay a set amount before the season starts to cut back on the amount of out of pocket expenses during the seasonal year and some teams/players do not.  All Tournament player fees will be disclosed, to best of our ability for each tournament, prior to team committing to the tournament. 

Tournament Credits:  Applied in the order of tournament play; players are required to register for tournament events to track the tournement credits they spend.  If you think you are missing a tournament credit or have questions about your tournament credit balance - please email the DOC.