Buffalos FC Special Topics Clinics

Boys & Girls: All Age Groups

Special Topic Clinics are free to all BFC Players, Buffalos FC is a development club and this is a just another way to help our players accomplish their development goals. 

The purpose of the Special Topic Clinic Training Session is to put players into smaller groups, according to age and skill level to develop players in the following technical areas:

  • Passing
  • Dribbling
  • Ball Control

Specific Topic Clinic Include (not limited to)
   - Passing | Proper technique, 1 & 2 touch passing
   - Passing | Aerial (crossing the ball, or switching the point of attack)
   - Passing | How to curve your pass using inside and outside of the foot
   - Dribbling | Speed dribbling
   - Dribbling | Attack dribbling
   - Ball Control | Juggling
   - Ball Control | Aerial Control
   - Ball Control | Beast Mode Soccer Techniques