Where are the most goals made?

Ever wonder if there is actually a "sweet spot" when shooting on goal?  

Here are some stats from activekids.com:

Top Left:  8%  (upper 90)
Top Center: 4%
Top Right: 5%  (upper 90)

As you can see, shooting high means you have a pretty low percentage of scoring.

Middle Left:  7%
Middle Center: 8%
Middle Right: 6%

While you have better chance of scoring if you shoot to the middle than up high, the odds are still not in your favor.

Bottom Left: 22%
Bottom Center: 21%
Bottom Right:  19%

62% of goals were scored low, and 41% were scored low in the corners.  Statistically if you shoot low into the corners, you should have a much greater success of scoring goals.  Remember:  You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.  

It is surprising so many soccer players aim high when they shoot considering the majority of goals at every level are scored in the lower third of the goal.  Since the game was invented, it has been proven over and over, if you shoot most of your shots low you will have a higher shooting percentage.  The reason is, it is more difficult for a goalkeeper to stop low shots to the corners or in the lower third of the goal.