When Do Tryouts Happen?

Tryouts are held in May & Jan/Feb | Individual player(s) can tryout anytime during the year

We hold tryout sessions in May for the following seasonal year (Fall & Spring), and we hold tryouts in Jan/Feb for spring only.  Any player can tryout out for the club, at any time, but may be limited on when they can play in games, if we are in a roster freeze window with a league, typically Nov-Dec & April.  Player(s) interested in trying out for a team, who were unable to attend our tryout session(s), will attend team training session(s), and player offer(s) will be extended after player(s) have completed 2-3 training sessions.  If you are currently registered with another club, please contact our Director of Coaching to get more details on how the transfer process works, this process may vary based on the player.   

Tryout Windows
May - Fall/Spring (following season year)
Jan/Feb - Spring ONLY (current season)
*As long as there is an open roster spots a player can tryout at any time during the seasonal year - Please contact our DOC if your child is interested in trying out, to get more details on when a player can attend a team training session.

What are Player Placements?

Current Buffalos FC Players

Player Placements are for current members only.  Players work on their PDI Badges (Player Development Initatives) during the seasonal year (Fall & Spring), and players who earn a higher badge (Select, Elite, Premier, or Showcase) are eligibile for a higher level team.  Player(s) who do not, will go through the tryout selection process (in May) like a new player.  To learn more about our Player Development Program - Please review Training Program Tab.  

What ages need to tryout?

Competitive Players: U11-U12 | U13-U15 | U16-U19 (High School)

Tryouts are held for all teams U11 and Older.  If we have an open roster spot, we want to make sure it is a good fit for the player, family and team before we extend any player offers. All Academy Players (U7-U10) tryouts are not required, but it is recommended a player comes and attends a training session to make sure they like our programs before joining.   Afterall that is what tryouts are all about, not just so coaching staff can look at a player, but for a player and their family to see with BFC is all about.  

USYS Birth Year Age Matrix

What is a Buffalos FC Academy ID Camp

Academy Players: U7-U10

Player 10 years and younger do not need to "tryout" our Academy Program is a Open Registration which means any player interested we will accept as long as we have an open roster spot.  Academy is a Pool Play format which mean it is very rare we would ever not have an open roster spot. 

We use the Academy ID Camp to identify players that may be advanced for their age so we can properly place them on the correct team.