New Player / Tryout Information

New Player(s) will be invited to join a team based on their tryout performance and previous experience.  Tryout Player(s) will perform a select number of the BFC PDI Assessments during the tryouts and players will be evaluated in game like situations.   During tryouts coaching staff will evaluate players on the four (4) components of the game:  Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental. Each tryout session is approximately 1-1.5 hrs long.  Click on Tryout Information to learn more. 

  • Technical - ball control, passing, shooting, dribbling and more.   
    • Players will rotate among "PDI stations" while interacting with coaching staff, PDI stations / assessments will vary based on age. 
  • Tactical - decision making, creating oportunity & field awareness (by position)
    • Players will participate in small sided games using realistic training situation 
  • Physical - speed & agility, quickness, strength and using it to your advantage 
    • 1 PDI Assessment (iSoccer)
  • Mental - coachability, positive attitude, dealing with adversity & performing under pressure