Showcase Tournament Teams


BIRTH YEARS:  2003-2005

  • High School (2003-2005):  11v11

The Showcase Tournament Team Program is designed for players who want to just participate in College Showcase Events. 

Showcase Tournament Team players will be scheduled for (1-2) training sessions per month.  Teams are required to travel (100%).  Tournament Showcase Schedule will be determined at the beginning of the season.  Players will also get guidance and help with their college search.

Showcase Tournament Team Player Requirements

  • Mandatory Tournaments Showcase Schedule will be provided for team(s) at the beginning of the 2020-2021 season.  Players are responsible for attendance of all Showcase Events. 
  • Players are responsible for attending all team training sessions.  1-2 per month during non-peak time and 1-2 per week during peak training time to prepare for Showcase Events (approx 1-2 month prior).   
  • Showcase Team(s) will agree upon training schedule with assigned coaching staff, prior to training schedule release.    
  • Players are expected to travel, based on tournament schedule

Registration Information

  • Player offers will be given out in Aug 2020, to allow time to determine College Showcase Tournament based on COVID-19 shutdown.