Program Commitment

All Competitive & Advanced Players sign a one (1) year player agreement when joining the club.
Seasonal Year = Fall & Spring

  • If you are interested in joining a BFC Team at the competitive level and you can only commit to the Fall Season you need to contact our Director of Coaching.  
  • Spring Tryouts are held at the beginning of the Spring Season (Jan/Feb) to fill any open roster spots. 

TRAINING SCHEDULE:  By accepting a roster spot - players are expected to train at least (2) two times per week.  For older and/or top level teams occastionally (3) three time per week.  If / when conflicts arise players can train any day of the week to make-up training sessions; Player are encouraged to train as much as they like.   

GAME SCHEDULE:  Games are played on the weekends; Typically teams will play one (1) game on Saturdays and/or Sundays, but when necessary games can be play on a week day, when this occurs it is typically on a Friday.  Teams can play on Sat & Sunday, with a maximum of (2) two games per day, if there is difficulting getting games in due to weather issues. 

TOURNAMENT PLAY:  Tournament play is typically at the beginning of each season and at the end of each season.  Tournaments can be played locally and may require travel.  Please review our Tournaments Page to learn more about tournaments.