11U/12U | 13U/14U | 15U/16U | HIGH SCHOOL

Players sign a one (1) year player agreement when joining the club
Seasonal Year = Fall & Spring

BFC believes there is more to developing excellence than just playing the game.  We prepare our players to perform on and off the pitch.  We have a unique culture where players play for the club and not just one team.  Players get multiple opportunities to play with different players and coaching staff in our club through out the year. Our staff works hard to make sure every player in our organization is provided an opportunity to succeed. 


SPRING 2021 *Current Season
11U/12U (2010-2009)
13U/14U (2008-2007)
15U/16U (2006-2005)
High School (2005-2003)

Fall/Spring 2021-2022
11U/12U (2011-2010)
13U/14U (2009-2008)
15U/16U (2007-2006)
High School (2006-2004)