Coaching staff will place all registered player(s) in a training group comparable to their age, gender and skill level.  The Academy ID Camp and Open Training Session(s) are used to help this process.   Player(s) who register directly with the club without attending the Academy ID Camp or Open Training Session(s) will be placed in a training group to best of our ability; but maybe moved to a different training group after the player starts trainIing with the club.  

Beginner (Level 1) | Intermediate (Level 2) - OPEN REGISTRATION | Player Invite NOT REQUIRED
Advanced/Travel (Level 3) - Invite ONLY

DISCLOSURE:  Players can be moved (up/down) during the season to maintain a healthy training & player development experience.  Coaching staff works hard to make sure all players are provided an opportunity to succeed without the pressure of wins vs losses; our training program pomotes good teamwork, social skills and sportsmanship; all while developing a player's self-confidence and providing a foundation of basic skills so a player can transition to next level of play.