Buffalos FC U16-U19 College Prep

9th Grade - 12th Grade (High School)

U16-U19 Boys & Girls Teams

S2 - Elite Level

D1 - Premier Level

SCL - Showcase Level


Playing Season

U16-U19 Boys and Girls Competitive teams play for two seasons, fall and spring, which make up one seasonal year.  For U16-U19 players, this comprises the fall and the spring season. Additional opportunities for indoor play are available in the winter months, and players are encouraged to take advantage of those opportunities.


Team Assignments

Players are placed on teams based by their graduation year.  RETURNING PLAYERS:  Buffalos FC U16-U19 players are placed on a team based on their individual BFC PDI Badge Level (Elite*, Premier, Showcase).  Players only at the Elite Level may be offered a (1) one year probation peroid to improve their level.  All U16-U19 players should be at the Premier Level or higher.  NEW PLAYERS:  Are evaluated during tryouts by our coaching staff in the following areas:  Technical, Tactical, Mental & Physical.  Potential new players will be offered roster spots equal to their level of play.  New Players will be required to earn and maintain BFC PDI Badge Levels after they join the club.  


It is the nature of a competitive program not every player will be offered a team position which they desire. This is why we have designed our BFC PDI Program, players can promote themselves; we urge players to take advantage of this program, to promote themselves to a higher level team, players who earn a higher badge level, will advance their skills and earn the right to move up. 


Learn More about our Player Development Initiative (PDI) Program


Player Commitment

Because practices are where much of the learning and development take place, participants are expected to attend a minimum of two (2) practices per week.  BFC understands conflicts arise in which the player cannot attend their assigned practice time, which is why all BFC players can attend another training session at any time during the year.


By accepting a place on a U16-U19 team roster, club a player commits to play the full seasonal year, June through May.


Tournament Commitment

U16-U19 teams play in tournaments during the seasonal year. Travel may be required and players are expected to be available for all tournament play. Teams will decided which tournament they want to participate in.