Buffalos FC Academy Program Fees - Seasonal Plan

Fall 2018 | Spring 2019

All players will need to pay an initial commitment fee of $75 when they agree to join the club, this holds your roster spot on the team you were assigned or selected for.  This is a non-refundable registration fee, and the initial commitment fee is applied to the payment plan you choose, it is not an extra fee. 

Pay in Full or select a payment plan during check-out

Payment Plans:  (2) payments, (4) payment, (8) payments
If you don't like the standard payment options, you can contact our DOC prior to check-out and set up a custom payment plan.  

Academy U7-U8
2013-2011 Boys & Girls
FULL PAYMENT = $400 per season

Academy U9-U10
2009 & 2010 Boys & Girls
FULL PAYMENT = $450 per season

Academy U10 - Elite
2009 Boys & Girls (Playing Up to U11)
FULL PAYMENT = $500 per season
All Tournament Play is Out-of-Pocket

Sibling Discounts

We have sibling discounts for each silbing you register with our club.  Amount is automatically applied during check-out.  You don't have to check out with all sibling at the same time; the system will recognize your HOUSEHOLD and know if the player you are registering is a sibling or not.